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Hummingbird Beauty is now offering Vita Liberata spray tan's.


Vita Liberata tanning products are non-toxic, odourless, organic, paraben free and bursting with natural extracts, designed to moisturiseand hydrate the skin. Formulated speciifically to contain no alcohol or perfume, the tan dries instantly and fades evenly, like a natural tan with no snake-skin or patching.


Full Body - £20

Half body £10



Shower and exfoliate on the day of your tan and avoid using products that contain essential oils.

Hair removal (waxing/shaving) should be done no closer than 24 hours prior to tanning session.

Do not wear make-up, deoderant or oily skin products to the appointment and avoid moisturising for 24 hours prior to your tan.

Wear or bring loose, dark clothing and flip-flops (avoid string vest tops and anything that clings to the skin).



Following the spray tan, wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops to avoid transfer onto clothing. Avoid wearing a bra. Keep skin covered to prevent transfer onto fabrics when sitting.

Do not put hands in water or get the skin wet, this will affect the develpment of the tan.

Do not touch the skin with your hands as the bronzer will transfer to palms.

Do not wax/shave for 24 hours following treatment as this removes layers of skin and will remove the tan too.

Moisturise twice daily following the spray tan. Only use a product that does not contain essential oils as these can create a faster fade. 


Spray Tan's are available for men and women.